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About Heartsmiths

Heart-made Jewelry from our hearts straight into yours!
HEARTSMITHS is an inspiring and growing personal brand of original, authentic jewelry with a sacred touch using the most ancient and traditional techniques out there. 

@heartsmiths we are obsessed with working with genuine opals and keeping traditional jewelry making techniques alive.  We believe that Jewelry should be crafted, slowly & intentionally as it is a Talisman that our customers wear on a daily basis, where and who made it, is important. 

All of our jewelry has special meaning and each peace is blessed with Mantras and holy water before it finds it's way to you. 

We believe that EVERYTHING is energy. This we want to pass on to the women who wear our jewelry. Conscious and modern women, who make the piece come to live.

Heartsmiths was founded by Nynke van Wyk in 2018 in Amsterdam. Nynke is a creative and inspiring visual thinker: All of my designs are intuitive, images just pop up in my head!”  In order to bring ideas and visuals to life, Nynke learned how to become a traditional goldsmith in Bali and came in touch with some of the best carvers in the world. When I am busy with designing my jewelry, it is just having fun, it all comes natural and it is completely effortless for me. It gives me peace of mind and energy at the same time. Nynke's absolute favorite is the personal selling on markets. Seeing her products look good and women happy.

You understand, @heartsmiths we warmly appreciate any pictures of feedback of your online buy. 

We are grateful to connect by our jewelry. Make you and the world around you, feel and look a little bit better and keep ancient artisan skills alive!